Building America's First Smart Region

Urban Innovation Leadership Training

The Academy for Smart Communities (TASC) is designed to teach high-level government employees strategic foundations and tactics for leading their communities through the smart city process.

Who is TASC for?

The Academy for Smarter Communities is born out of an ambition to create smarter and more livable communities – and to assist the professionals leading such efforts.

In short, TASC supports individuals and organizations in their efforts to develop, implement and manage Smart City endeavors effectively.

Importantly, TASC does not focus on cities only. Regions and smaller municipalities – in fact any community preparing to become smarter and more livable can benefit from the academy.

What TASC offers

TASC provides high end Smarter Community masterclasses to advance the skills and competencies of professionals, practitioners, executives and elected leaders in this new discipline.

The masterclasses convey a shared language, knowledge and know-how leveraging proven methodologies.

TASC fosters an evolving global community of practitioners and leaders, and provides tailored, structured guidance during and after training.

By who?

TASC Masterclasses are conducted by ‘the best-of-the- best’ subject matter experts and facilitators.
We provide our training through both open enrollment classes, as well as masterclasses dedicated to – and organized in – TASC’s Anchor Cities across continents.

Learn, share, build, prepare

Understand the methodologies, technologies, policies and business architectures that prepare your community for success.

  • There cannot be a one-size-fits-all strategy. Learn to build your own.
  • Learn from the successes and failures of some the most prominent practitioners globally.
  • Lay the fundament for you and your organization for an effective innovation journey.
  • Explore TASC’s expanded curriculum of classes and specialized training.

When and where?

For more information or to register, email