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Remote Student Readiness Program

Eradicating the Homework Gap in the State of Arizona

Our mission is to eradicate the Homework Gap in the State of Arizona. The Homework Gap refers to the difficulty students experience completing homework when they lack internet access, or internet enabled devices, at home, compared to those who have access. This gap has widened as an increasing number of schools incorporate Internet-based learning into daily curriculum. Thousands of Arizona students live in homes without home internet subscriptions, or internet enabled devices — making completing online coursework impossible. This disconnect leads to dramatically inequitable outcomes leading to an ever-widening opportunity gap among our students in Arizona.

Our goal is to build a state-wide permanent program to prepare all Arizona students for REMOTE SUCCESS by creating a digitally enhanced and equitable education environment which empowers students to complete their schoolwork at anytime from anywhere!

Utilizing public-private partnerships, the Remote Student Readiness Program (RSRP) will provide students in need with a cost-effective Remote Student Tool Kit, which includes internet connectivity, an internet-enabled device, and digital skills education.


CHALLENGE: 17% of all U.S. students do not have access to a computer at home.

OBJECTIVE: Ensure every student has a device to actively participate in remote streaming education and effectively complete online assignments.


CHALLENGE: 5 million families with school-aged children do not have reliable internet connectivity at home

OBJECTIVE: Ensure every student has reliable and adequate internet connectivity to actively participate in remote streaming education and effectively submit online assignments.


CHALLENGE: Schools are experiencing low percentage of remote participation rates due to lack of digital skills necessary to do online work

OBJECTIVE: Ensure every student has the fundamental digital skills necessary to succeed in remote learning and are prepared for success in our 21st century technology-driven economy.

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