Public Entrepreneur Development Academy

#yesphx Entrepreneurs

The City of Phoenix needs your help!

In July 2018 the City of Phoenix, under the leadership of the Institute for Digital Progress, will launch a Public Entrepreneur Development Academy (PEDA). The mission of PEDA is to create the paradigm shift which transforms city leaders’ thinking into the #yesphx entrepreneurial mindset, and learn to think FAST, act FAST, and fail FAST. PEDA will connect city leaders with local entrepreneurs to explore and learn ways to accelerate entrepreneurial leadership within the City of Phoenix. The program will run over 9 weeks (two four hour blocks per week for the 9 weeks), with the bulk of participants being high level officials in the City of Phoenix. Topics to be covered over the 9 weeks include an introduction to design thinking; ideation – generation of ideas; methods of prototyping; agile innovation in the public sector; developing an implementation roadmap; and participating in a pitch night.

Each group will be working on a real-world problem, identified by the City of Phoenix, with the PEDA process helping the City go from problem identification through to minimal viable product and pitch.

Here is the 2018 timeline overview: PEDA_2018_Timeline Overview

IDP is reaching out to our #yesphx ecosystem for help! We are seeking two of our entrepreneurs to be actively involved in the program and support City officials in learning how to think and act like an entrepreneur. Involvement would mean being an active member of a team, participating in the workshops, contributing to the project plan and pitch night, and assisting in the implementation planning process. In short, a hands-on applied project with City of Phoenix officials.

As noted above, this is the first year that the program is being run and so you will be the inaugural first class to help governments learn to think like #yesphxers. The first “lab” is scheduled for 10 July, with pitch night schedule for 18 September.

Apply for this exciting new program: