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Press Release – June 26, 2018

iDP, ASU, and the City of Phoenix Launch Public Entrepreneur Development Academy

The City of Phoenix and iDP are looking to recruit a #yesphx entrepreneur to participate in a pilot program called the Public Entrepreneur Development Academy (PEDA). The core mission of PEDA is to bring together city leaders, local entrepreneurs, and industry partners to explore ways to accelerate entrepreneurship in government, and to fuel the kind of innovation in our cities that is synonymous with tech-industry startup culture. PEDA will be a first-of-its-kind accelerator in the Greater Phoenix Region that teaches government employees entrepreneurial problem-solving skillsets and how to apply them to real-world civic issues.

PEDA is a partnership between the City of Phoenix, iDP, and Arizona State University.

The program will be run over 9 weeks (two, four-hour, in person, blocks per week for the 9 weeks), with the bulk of participants being high level, high potential, officials in the City of Phoenix. Workshops and training will be conducted by industry experts, such as Cisco and Intel, as well as leading university professors. Topics to be covered over the 9 weeks include an introduction to design thinking; ideation – generation of ideas; methods of prototyping; walking through the business model canvas; developing an implementation roadmap; and participating in a pitch night.

The PEDA team will be comprised of five city leaders, one ASU student and one #yesphx entrepreneur, who will work together on a real-world problem, identified by City of Phoenix staff, with the PEDA process and the #yesphx entrepreneur helping the City go from problem identification through to implementation.  The ultimate goal is for the city leaders to learn and utilize the #yesphx entrepreneurial mindset, to help improve work processes and develop new approaches to overcoming challenges.

IDP is looking to recruit a #yesphx entrepreneur to volunteer their time to work alongside city of Phoenix employees on a critical city issue. Your support can help increase the City’s capacity to identify and analyze pain points, provide agile and iterative solutions, as well as increase interest in cross-sector collaborations.

Involvement would mean being an active member of a team, attending the workshops, contributing to the project plan and participating in the pitch night. In short, a hands-on applied project with City of Phoenix officials.

The application for the program will close on Sunday July 1, 2018.

To learn more, and to apply to participate, please visit