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Brian Dean
Executive Director | Co-Founder
Dominic Papa
Joshua Wagner
Program Director
Bas Boorsma

Institute for Digital Progress – Overview

The Institute for Digital Progress (iDP) is an innovation-driven, nonprofit firm that serves all levels governments, technology-driven companies, innovators and entrepreneurs. We provide access services and connections to our clients to help them design, build and implement smart technologies in the smart city and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) space. iDP also provides access to economic development and grant consulting services that leverage our expertise and experience in designing, building and operating collaborative civic technology initiatives.

iDP provides the unified leadership structure to drive innovation through collaboration, and empower governments with the mechanism to create, develop, and deploy emerging technologies across jurisdictions, across sectors, and across industries. We provide governments at all levels with tools, skills, and knowledge to leverage smart technologies together.

In 2016, iDP developed an “Innovation as a Service” model (IaaS), a platform that allows governments, private industry and academic research institutions to collaboratively design and develop new innovative technology pilots that advance solutions to public challenges, have a measurable impact, and the potential to scale. Within its first six months of operation, iDP’s IaaS model helped local agencies secure a $6 million DOT grant around congestion management technology.

iDP is also spearheading the world’s first Smart Region consortium, which is a public-private innovation partnership between cities, companies, universities, innovators, entrepreneurs, and citizens. This model provides the essential operational framework, core programming, national partnerships and innovation strategies, that enable governments and communities to co-create solutions together. iDP operates this consortium under various names in partnership with governments, helping communities build their own, custom designed smart city innovation labs to spur innovation-driven economic development opportunities.