Upcoming Event

To celebrate the launch of the Smart Region Consortium, along with iDP, ASU, GPEC, and MAG are hosting the State of the Smart Region dinner where we will gather Elected Officials, Chief Information Officers, University Leaders, and Technology Industry Champions; to network, discuss, learn, and showcase the latest advancements of Smart Campus, City, and Region initiatives.

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What is a Smart Region?

A Smart Region is a set of municipalities that have come together and adopted a unified leadership structure for the purpose of enhancing their citizens’ experiences using technology cooperatively, efficiently and effectively. By working together, municipal boundaries can be crossed, avoiding duplicate efforts and budgets, allowing for better, faster, and more relevant solutions.

The iDP Vision

We see a country wherein every community is part of a smart region which are interconnected, improving the quality of life for all citizens and businesses, and supporting sustainable, resilient, healthy and equitable communities and neighborhoods.

The iDP Mission

We provide the unified leadership structure to open regional conversations about how to create and adopt city, town and regional technologies. We provide communities with tools and skills to leverage smart technologies together.